Illustration Friday: Robot

by admin Apr 21, 2006 6 Comments

Here is the evil brahmanan robot for today’s Illustration Friday topic — Robot. I am starting to wonder if there is a freaky side to my imagination.


Illustration Friday: Spotted

by admin Apr 14, 2006 2 Comments

I was reading about ants, just before I saw today’s topic “Spotted” from Illustration Friday, and the ants kind of influenced today’s illustration


Worth a 1000 words: Nazarin Hamid

by admin Apr 12, 2006 Add comment

Volume :: by Nazarin Hamid :: about the picture

After judging the ebb and sway and general rythm of the waves, I found a spot, curved against the rocks along the breakwall where the waves were crashing regularly and the highest. It was a culmination of things.
Nazarin Hamid

India Through Flickr – Haryana

by admin Apr 10, 2006 1 Comment


The word ‘Hariana’ occurs in a Sanskrit inscription dated 1328 AD kept in Delhi Museum which refers to this region as “The heaven on earth”

From Punjab, we head down south, to the state of Haryana: the cradle of Vedic and Hindu civilization. Historically, Haryana has seen a lot, from the glorious battles that took place in Panipat, to the composing of the Mahabharata and other ancient Vedic and Hindu scriptures and epics.

Illustration Friday: Speed

by admin Apr 7, 2006 3 Comments

Back when I was going to school at USU, three of my friends and I used to joke around about forming the first Indian bobsled team, for the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics. That memory was the inspiration for today’s topic, “Speed�, on Illustration Friday.


Illustration Friday: Spring

by admin Mar 31, 2006 5 Comments

Here is todays posting to Illustration Friday and the theme is: Spring. I had the sun, a lotus, and a plant sprouting in mind when I created this, took about ten minutes.


Worth a 1000 words: Martin Quinn

by admin Mar 29, 2006 1 Comment

Moving RockNo photoshop magic in the “Moving Rock” photograph by Martin Quinn, which captures a very intriguing natural phenomenon of moving rocks in Death Valley.

This was taken at the Racetrack in Death Valley. I did nothing to this rock, no one knows why but these rocks move on the dry lake bed. No one has ever seen them move but the trails make it obvious that they do move. The most common belief is that the wind pushes them across the surface when it’s wet.
Martin Quinn


by admin Mar 21, 2006 1 Comment


Illustration Friday: Feet

by admin Mar 17, 2006 3 Comments

Here is my first posting to Illustration Friday and today’s theme is: Feet. Not quite sure how this image formed in my head, but seeing feet as the theme, and hearing someone say, “St. Patrick’s day“, in the background, is probably the reason. A quick five minute doodle and this is what I got:


Scared of My Creativity? No More!

by admin Mar 12, 2006 4 Comments

I am not an artist. This is my first attempt at drawing. My husband frequently explores his artistic side and for some reason yesterday I took his sketch book from him and told him that I was going to draw him. I said this jokingly, but then once the pencil touched the paper it turned into something more than just a joke. I was really trying to make the picture look like him. Once the picture was finished it looked nothing like my husband. However, the picture of the nameless man looked pretty good. I was truly amazed that something like that came from me. It is not an amazing drawing, but it is amazing that it came from me.


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