Welcome to our world of Karma, your source for zen on the webs.

A little history
KarmaDude, I came up with this name, back in 2002, for online gaming, my other passion. The name stuck, but it was not until September of 2005, that I registered the domain. Initially, I was not sure what to do with it; I had some ideas of maybe creating a site for video game related information.

It was then I started noticing the site stats, even though it had nothing on it, the site was getting hits from south and Far East Asia. At that time, I wondered if they were hitting the site because of the word, “Karma”, and that’s when I knew what the site had to be about. The rest is history!

What about you?
Well, my name is Liji (sound like Fiji, if you are struggling to pronounce it!), I am from the beautiful southern state of Kerala, India; I grew up mostly in Dubai, UAE; and my wonderful wife Melissa and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If I am not designing or coding, then you will probably find me taking photographs, riding my motorcycle, playing sports, reading a book, playing video games, traveling, cooking, learning something new, or just being lazy laying on the couch and contemplating life, the universe, and all other unanswered questions.

My Dharma
To think, live, laugh, and act as freely as I possibly can.

My Karma
Everything I have done until now, to everything I will be doing till I die.

My Nirvana
To be born, again and again, as a bird.

4 Things

The Contributors
ij | the little endian | Coffeehead | ZenQueen | IndusJunkie

The Logo
People often ask about and compliment the KarmaDude logo, so here is a little history of the logo. The inspiration for the logo came after I saw Dhyanji’s logo on his flickr page. After about ten minutes of doodling, I arrived at the final version of the logo. For styling it, I drew inspiration from the logos at misipile

Under the Hood
KarmaDude is created with PHP, XHTML, and CSS. It is powered by WordPress, and hosted by DreamHost. I used the Blix theme as a base, some of the icons you see are from Kevin Potts, and the type was set using Typetester. Rest of the graphics and layout were created by me.

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