India Through Flickr – Punjab

by admin Mar 6, 2006 1 Comment

Punjab, the next stop on our tour of India through flickr, is situated south of Jammu and Kashmir and west of Himachal Pradesh. A great deal of India’s history still lay hidden here, in the ruins of the glorious ancient cities of Harappa and Mohenjodaro. Punjab, is also one of the most fertile regions of the country, and is often know as the “Granary of India�.

India Through Flickr – HP

by admin Feb 26, 2006 4 Comments

Himachal Pradesh, the second state in our journey across India through flickr. It is situated south of Jammu & Kashmir, in the heart of Western Himalayas. It is also the location of Dharmasala, where the Dalai Lama currently resides-in-exile.


Worth a 1000 words: Scott Wills

by admin Feb 25, 2006 1 Comment

Emollient :: by Scott Wills

India Through Flickr – J&K

by admin Feb 20, 2006 Add comment

This is the first of a series of posts called, “India Through Flickr�?. In these posts I will journey across India through the images in flickr, starting with the Northern most state of Jammu & Kashmir, and making my way down to the Southern state of Kerala. So join me in this little virtual journey across India trough the images in flickr.


Worth a 1000 words: Feng Jiang

by admin Feb 8, 2006 1 Comment

Enchanting China
by Feng Jiang
Enchanted China

Mind’s Eye

by admin Feb 5, 2006 3 Comments

If I were to ask a person with normal vision, the question, “What is seeing?�� I probably would hear something like, “The ability to perceive through the eyes.�

Enter Esref Armagan, a blind painter form Turkey, and one look at his paintings of houses, fruits, mountains, butterflies, and faces — would make you wonder, “How does he see?â€Â? His painting of things, he has never seen, is both puzzling and intriguing. These paintings raise questions like how the mind actually sees things, constructs them, and remembers them as images? How does the Mind’s Eye really work?

New Scientist article–art of seeing without sight–provides an insight into seeing and the Mind’s Eye, as they dredge deep into the intriguing mind of Esref Armagan.

Worth a 1000 words

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Alaska – A Glacier
by KarmaDude
Chinese Fishing Nets

Worth a 1000 words: Stefan Rohner

by admin Jan 14, 2006 Add comment

A Yogi
by Stefan Rohner
A Yogi

Do check out his India 2005 album, containing fabulous images capturing daily life in India.

Objective Art vs. Subjective Art

by admin Jan 11, 2006 16 Comments

Objective art is meditative art, subjective art is mind art.

When you look to the west, names of many famous artists pop up in your mind, look to the East, and works of art pop up. Even though Gurdjieff is the person responsible for formally dividing art into subjective art and objective art, I find Osho’s explanation of objective art the one that defines it the best. He uses the following Haiku of Basho to define objective art:


What if?

by admin Jan 3, 2006 Add comment

“What if?” is a popular tool for generating ideas, creating ideas, solving problems.

What if a personal computer was fun and easy to Use?
asked Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and the result was Macintosh.

What if a hub-and-spoke system was used for overnight delivery?
asked Fred Smith, and the result was FedEx.

What if a beer bottle looked really different?
asked Interbrew, and the result was Wildbrew in a in a tiger-print bottle.

Hundreds of “What if?” questions can be asked to inspire creative thinking:

What if society was structured differently?
What if money wasn’t a consideration?
What if there was no divide between the rich and the poor?
What if what happens after death is something we haven’t imagined yet?
What if there were no borders?

List five “What if?” questions that come to your mind in the first 60 seconds from reading this post.

Excerpted from “zing! Five steps and 101 tips for creativity on command” by Sam Harrison

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