Geography of Heaven: Vrindavan

by admin Dec 28, 2005 Add comment

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Looks like there is suddenly an interest in the media to investigate different beliefs of heaven around the word. NPR in collabration with National Geographic is running a radio expedition exploring the geography of heaven, starting with Vrindavan.

There is beauty, because Vrindavan is heaven — not a metaphor for heaven, or a way to heaven. This is heaven.

The multimedia slideshow is pretty good, and there are three articles ( the streets of holy hindu city :: pilgrims on the path of Krishna:: the embodiment of earthly divinity ) worth a read. There is also the actual radio broadcast, for those who want to listen.

As for my thoughts on all this–I will just let Richard Dawkins letter, “Good and Bad Reasons for Believing“, which he wrote to his ten year old daugher, explain it.

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