Response from the Railways on Cleanliness Complaint

by admin Jan 11, 2010 1 Comment

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This is a follow up to me earlier post on the state of cleanliness on Indian Railways. I had filed a grievance with regarding this matter and here is the response I received:

My Complaint:

The state of cleanliness on Indian trains is horrible. Even though the railway contracts out cleaning services, the level of cleanliness on the trains is way worse than expected. On my last trip in First Class Chair car, the toilets were so nasty and filthy, that I had to clean the toilet my self before I could use it. Plus you had the added bonus of seeing mice and cockroaches.

Please look into the matter of cleanliness, and set some kind of standards which cleaning services have to meet for trains and railway stations in India.

Response from: Shri Sunil Kumar
Adviser (PG) & CPIO
Ministry of Railways
Tel : +91 11 23386203
email :

Dear Sir,

while cleaning of stations and coaches are not upto the expectations of the public, it is to advise you that efforts are made on cleaning aspect to come to the growing expectations of the travelling public. In this connection, general public have also a responsibility to help the Railways to maintain cleanliness at highest level. Of course it is not upto the mark but efforts are also made to fulfil the growing expectations.


Definitely a response which gives you some hope, but the positive outcome of this is that they now know and the government website for filing public grievances works and works really well. I hope more of you can take advantage of this platform to let the Indian Government know of your ideas and concerns.

1 Comment

  • CeeTee

    Jan 11, 2010 | 12:01 pm

    It is a politer way of saying ‘Stop shitting in our toilets’ – And English could not get any worse either! Go Indian Railways!

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