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Zen Stories

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Renegade Zen
Open your mind, change your thought, with these zen stories from Renegade Zen:

Tea Master, Transience, Falling flowers, Maybe, Fleeing the tiger, Empty the cup, Gutei’s finger, Knowing fish, Steal the moon, Nature’s Beauty.

By moving yourself outside of what you would call normal or rational, you can see the world and yourself from a new perspective, thereby acheiving satori, or enlightenment, in the process.
Renegade Zen

Yogo Sutras of Patanjali

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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
This is an archive of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, translated into 33 languages. Be patient with this; there is a lot to read and digest here.

The documents can be accessed by first registering on the forum. After registering, head to the forum and look for a password post, here you will be able to retrive the username and password to access the documents. The forum has over 2000 members, but lacks activity for that kind of membership, I am assuming most people sign up, simply, for the translated Yoga Sutras.

I like the information contained on this site, but for lack of good organization and simplicity, I am giving it a four om rating.

Om rating

ABC of Yoga

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pizzaLots of yogo information and resources at Excellent step-by-step illustrations of asanas, information on the meaning and history of yoga, on yoga diet, and more. Well organized into categories that take you to the information you are seeking quickly.

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The Mandala Project

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The Mandala Project – A great resource for everyone interested in this ancient art form.

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Karmapractor- A blog that spreads positive energy
by – Spencer Stewart

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