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by admin Feb 13, 2007 2 Comments

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Looking through the site stats, I just realized that this site has been nominated for 2006 Indibloggies under—Best Designed Indiblog—Wow! That is definitely a first and very humbling indeed. Being up against the likes of Chugs and Megha, I am probably the unpopular underdog here, and so I am just going to be happy with the nomination.

However, do check out some of the interesting and popular Indian blogs that are nominated and if you feel like it vote for your favorite blogs. As for those who are new to the blog, welcome! Take a look around, and maybe you will find something you like.

Here are the other nominees in the Best Designed Indiblog category:
1. Blogchaat [Megha]
3. Desipundit [Chugs]
4. Mediajunk blog [Chugs]
5. Meghalomania [Megha]
6. Swaroop C H, The Dreamer [Chugs]
7. The Kamla Bhatt Show
8. To Each Its Own [Chugs]
9. Trivial Matters [Chugs]


  • | Nominated wh&hellip

    Feb 13, 2007 | 8:27 am

    […] So, there you have it. Skip mine, go ahead look at better designs or designers. I like all of Chugs designs, KarmaDude’s logo, Swaroop’s site and Meghalomania’s content. I wonder why The Indicast isn’t on the list. (They don’t validate either, but neither did mine.) […]

  • Swami Tarakananda

    Feb 27, 2007 | 8:08 am

    Another blog which spiritual aspirants will appreciate is the Atma Jyoti Blog [visit here]. This is new, and does not have the sophistication of layout of the above award winning blogs, but the content is unique and unsurpassed.

    Keep up the great posting!

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