Earth: Stressed Out

by admin Mar 27, 2006 11 Comments

Sick EarthIs it time for us to stop worrying about life, death, after life, and all the other truths we are seeking, to stop everything we are doing and start listening to a planet under stress? Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a flurry of news articles addressing the state of the planet, and its rapid deterioration. Is the planet trying to reach us, tying to tell us there is a problem, and not everyone is alert and listening?

The Commonwealth: A Post Colonial Club

by admin Mar 20, 2006 4 Comments

CommonwealthIgnorant as I still am, I did not know anything about the Commonwealth until today. I was, at first, surprised when I read, “India picks three more gold”, but that surprise went poof after I read, India won 69 medals, including 30 gold, in the last Commonwealth Games in Manchester, in the same news article.

A Historians Dharma

by admin Mar 10, 2006 1 Comment

After seeing the response to the Aryan Invasion Theory post, I thought it would be a good idea to get some expert opinion on the issue. So I emailed Indian Historian, Dr. Nayanjot Lahiri, asking her if she would be interested in doing a blog interview on AIT, here is her response:

My schedule simply doesn’t permit this currently. Have to finish teaching and essay corrections!
All the best,
Nayanjot Lahiri


Aryan Invasion Theory

by admin Mar 2, 2006 49 Comments

Every time I read another debate or article on the Aryan Invasion Theory(AIT), I start to fume, not because I am mad at their opinions, but at the fact that, so called historians and scholars are still debating this bogus theoryâ€â€?which was created by people who had a religious, colonial, and race agenda. Any Indian knows what the word Arya means, but Max Muller—the man behind the theory had no clue—which he later admitted when his Sanskrit and historian skills were challenged.

Night Terror

by admin Feb 28, 2006 16 Comments

Night terror, recently I had a chance to observe this phenomenon, which I had never heard of or seen before. A friend’s ten month old son woke up from his sleep crying, there was this look of terror in his eyes, and there was nothing we could do to calm him down. Eventually he stopped, after a good 10 mintues of crying, but it was confusing and new to us. Later, we learned that what he had gone through was a night terror.


My Blog My Rules

by admin Feb 16, 2006 12 Comments

There is a storm brewing in the blog world, with controversy revolving around 9rules decision to prune their network, resulting in elimination of a few blogs from the network. Looks like, some of the eliminations have been because of explicit content and others due to conflict of interest. It’s blog drama at its best, and makes for good blogging!


From Sensation to Thought

by admin Feb 13, 2006 Add comment

“The most lively thought is still inferior to the dullest sensation”

I wonder what Archimedes would have said to Hume about the above assumption? It is very puzzling that such a statement would come from a philosopher! Did Hume ever have a “Eureka Moment“, an idea or thought which would have made him want to jump out of his tub and run down the street naked? I wondered more about what made Hume make such a conclusion, as I read–“of the origin of ideas” in Hume’s “An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding“, for this weeks reading session over at 9rules philosophy reading group.


One in a Billion

by admin Feb 9, 2006 Add comment

Shiva Keshavan, the lone Indian luger to have represented India in the last two winter Olympic games, is back again for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. This time, he is not alone, there are three other Indian athletes who have qualified: Neha Ahuja (ladies’ giant slalom), Bahadur Gupta (men’s sprint), and Hira Lal (men’s giant slalom).


Preserving Language

by admin Feb 7, 2006 Add comment

“languages are the repositories of culture”
U R Anantmurthy

In, localization as a movement in India, Rajesh Rajan at Red Hat, addresses the importance of conserving languages in the digital domain. He points out how free and open software is empowering people in India to preserve their languages in the digital landscape.


Worms eat my garbage

by admin Feb 5, 2006 2 Comments

Today, the first time harvest of my worm box provided an unexpectedly sublime moment. After just four months, the kitchen scraps of my small vegetarian household had been turned into fluffy deep dark matter, damp and fragrant like a forest floor. It is one thing to read about composting but to run the precious handfuls through your fingers, to put it around the peas and lettuces, to see them feast and grow! This moment challenged the whole concept of “trash”, the terrible guilt of being a wasteful consumer (I still am of course) suddenly there was the tangible possibility of being part of the cycle of life. In essence it was a step “a leap rather” from the moral concepts of giving and taking to the concept of transformation.

*** Vermicomposting is a very easy, and effective way of composting kitchen waste. It can be done on a balcony in the city using a standard plastic bin and recyclables like newspapers and cardboard. The resulting compost is first class fertilizer for house plants, flower patches or vegetable gardens. Many community recycling programs offer workshops to make your own worm box.

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