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Four jobs that I’ve had

  • tutor
  • computer lab assistant
  • software engineer
  • graphics & web designer

Four movies I can watch over and over

  • die hard 1
  • dumb & dumber
  • shawshank redemption
  • kilukkam (malayalam movie)

Four places I have lived

  • dubai, uae
  • kochi, kerala
  • ranchi, bihar
  • salt lake city, utah

Four TV shows I like to watch

  • the daily show
  • the tonight show
  • bill o’rielly – for some reason he provokes thought!
  • pbs documentaries

Four foods that I like

  • fried fish head
  • amma’s mutton curry
  • kerala parota
  • kerala sadhya – feast eaten on a plantain leaf

Four websites I visit daily

Four things I want to do before I die

  • see and experience all the places in the world
  • see all of india through the lens
  • unlock at least one secret of life
  • learn more about my family history

Four people I’m tagging

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