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Pillow Fight

by admin May 31, 2007 1 Comment

What would it be like if all conflicts could be resolved with a pillow fight? I might be wishing for horses here, you know like the saying, “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride”, or as my friend Amit puts it, “if wishes were ponies, beggars children would ride!”

If you wondering about the French song, it’s Boum by Charles TrĂ©net


by admin May 14, 2007 1 Comment

KarmaDude Background

I was playing with blender, and here is one of the backgrounds I created for fun.

Download: 1400×1050

Go Green Tip

by admin May 12, 2007 Add comment

Go Green Tip
Conserver water by switching to powder detergents. Liquid detergents are mostly water (up to 80%).

via National Geographic

Moment of Zen

by admin May 11, 2007 Add comment

Steve Jobs“I think your organization particularly depends too much on principle and not enough on fact,” Jobs told the Greenpeace representatives. “You guys rate people based on what people say their plans are in the distant future, not what they are doing today. I think you put way too much weight on these glorified principles and way too little weight on science and engineering. It would be very helpful if your organization hired a few more engineers and actually entered into dialog with companies to find out what they are really doing and not just listen to all the flowery language when, in reality, most of them aren’t doing anything. That’s my opinion.”

- Steve Jobs

Chased by a Boxer

by admin May 3, 2007 Add comment

For someone who has canine phobia, it was absolutely frightening during an evening run yesterday, when I saw this boxer at full throttle, sprinting across the lawn towards me. My first instinct was to run faster, but soon realized I was not going to out run a dog at full speed, and there were flashes of scenes from discovery channel of a cheetah chasing a deer, only in this case I was not as fast as a deer. (more…)

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